I believe art should be in every room in the house.
I believe chickens are gorgeous creatures.
I believe there is ugly and there is beautiful, surround yourself with beautiful.
I believe everyone should have a theme song, mine is Michael Jackson’s "Beat It".
I believe in kissing my wife before she leaves and right when she comes home.
I believe color makes you happy.
I believe in lots of down pillows.
I believe in polka dots, spirals and checks.
I believe all my students are artists; they just need to find their muse.
I believe in being honest when creating a piece of art.
I believe in playing jokes on your kids and co-workers.
I believe artists create with their hands, heads and hearts.
I believe laughing keeps you healthy.
I believe in working in my studio every day.
I believe clay sculptures look best in jewels.
I believe antique and modern compliment each other perfectly.
I believe dramas aren’t the only movies deserving of “Best Picture.”
I believe your pet’s wardrobe is just as important as your own.
I believe actions speak much, much, much louder then words!
I believe everyone should collect my work.